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GCode Nutrition | Recommended by Mike Just

I'm very excited to announce that Just Hits has partnered with GCode Nutrition, a New Jersey-based supplement and nutrition company! I’ve been incorporating GCode products into my daily routine and training, and felt it was important to share some of the best and purest supplements in the market, with my student athletes and their parents!


As parents, we know first-hand it an be very difficult on a daily basis to make sure our children are eating the healthiest options available. With hectic schedules, and busy routines, adding greens, protein, and hydration to the mix; will assure we don’t skip what essentially, we all need, optimal nutrition.


GCode recently showcased their greens line of products (LIFE) at our facility, as well as their hydration line (RISE), and even GCode for “KiDS”, which is a hydration formulated supplement for our younger players that has a daily serving of greens in it! This last Sunday we hosted an event to share the product with all the teams that we train, and the responses have all been very positive!


Furthermore, I’m supplying my family, friends, athletes and anyone who would like to try GCode products with a special promo code to use for a 20% discount! Click the link provided to view all of the supplements available, such as pre-workout, whey protein, aminos for recovery, life greens for daily fruit and vegetable intake, and more!

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Promo Code: JUST20 (at checkout)


Mike Just of Just Hits – GCode Nutrition (


For those of you that know me well, know how serious I am about my diet and supplement intake. GCode is a healthy product that aides the development of athletes to achieve their goals in the weight room and nutrition in general. I highly recommend this product.


Thank you so much for your support, and for the opportunity to train you! We are delighted to be able to introduce healthy products that provide alternative options for your daily routine. A true Game Changer!

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