• AGES 7+

    Vacation Sports

    Bible Camp


    This baseball + softball clinic

    will consist of:


    • Goal Setting

    • vision

    • prayer

    • clues of god's existence + facts

    • apologetics + defending your faith

    • servant-hood

    • combating peer pressures

    • professional hitting

    • Professional throwing

    • professional fielding techniques

    Led by former Liberty University grad and owner of Just Hits, Mike Just alongside a pro team of faith-based professional instructors, this clinic will focus on the spirituality component of athletics and life. There will be a good balance between professional instruction and Bible studies.


    Each player who signs up will be equipped with an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Sports Bible and notebook included in the cost of the clinic.

    First come, first served.  Max 50 Players!

    Coming Soon

    $199 per player

  • Ages 6-16

    5-Tool MVP



    This baseball + softball clinic

    will consist of:


    • professional hitting

    • base-running

    • fielding drills and footwork

    • leading/stealing techniques

    • pitching mechanics

    • catching drills

    • pro mentality

    • approach

    • confidence

    • bonus pro skill work.

    Led by Just Hits Professional Staff, the clinic will focus on developing the total player and all 5-Tools: 1. Speed 2. Arm Strength, 3. Fielding Ability, 4. Hitting for Average + 5. Hitting for Power.

    Players will be grouped by age and gender during rotations.  Communication per group will be age appropriate.

    First come, first served.  Max 50 Players!



    $299 per player


Whether I was in a slump or feeling
badly or having trouble off the field,My motto was always to keep swinging.
the only thing to do was keep swinging.




Frequently Asked Questions

Are HELMETS and BATS provided?
Should players bring a BEVERAGE?
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When should I expect to see RESULTS?


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