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"JUST BASEBALL" by Mike Just - Signed & Personalized Hardcover
  • That sound, the first crack of the bat.

    Every year in early spring a special kind of joy comes over those who love America’s favorite pastime, baseball. This feeling is no different for the millions of kids who dream of greatness when they pick up a bat and make their way to the plate.

    In Just Baseball, Mike Just has created a guide to the world of baseball. Drawing from his own journey to the pros, Just better equips parents and players to make smart decisions as they pursue the game while encouraging players to pursue excellence, maximize their talents, and inspire them to find greater satisfaction in the game. 

    The book covers these topics and more: At what age should youngsters start playing the game? What values will define a player’s baseball character? How important is it to be a team player? What do baseball scouts look for? How can players gain an edge in recruiting? What if your head coach leaves? Is being drafted out of high school a good or bad thing? 

    Baseball is not a one-size-fits-all journey. Learning how to make thoughtful choices that make the most sense for one’s own set of circumstances is all part of getting to the next level. Mike Just’s own experience provides valuable insight for all those who are serious about baseball, and who want to be the best.

    "JUST BASEBALL" by Mike Just - Signed & Personalized Hardcover

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